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Staff's home visit warms people's heart and promotes development

date:2021-05-13 10:14:31 Views:397

       In order to further express the company's concern and care for employees, strengthen the communication and contact between the enterprise and employees' family members, listen to the voices of their family members, make their family members understand and identify with vikay's corporate culture, make employees feel the warmth of the organization and stimulate their sense of belonging. During the May 1st period, Shanghai VEIKAI Electric Co., Ltd. hereby carries out "home visit activities for outstanding employees".

The following is a picture of face-to-face conversation and exchange between company representatives and their family members


       During the visit, the employee representatives of the company expressed their gratitude to the family members of the employees for their understanding and support of our work, and listened to their opinions and suggestions on the work of the company.

        Through this visit, we have a deep understanding of the company's employees' ideological situation, family situation, spare time life situation, circle of friends and so on, enhanced the understanding, mutual trust and cohesion between the company and its employees, and injected new impetus into the development of the company.

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